The Polyculture Nursery

Proposal for temporary workspace approved April 19, 2016.
The Polyculture Nursery is a collaborative senior project that attempt to experiment with ‘sustainable’ nursery crop production. Plants produced in the nursery will go towards experimental applications of agroecology and site-specific restoration using local native varieties. We are currently in the idea and planning process and have not yet started construction, though we have a small off site operation.

Types of Plants Grown:
Vegetables and Herbs
Fruit and Nut Trees
Mushrooms (Spawn can be produced on site in the Mushroom lab)
Local Native Plants
Restoration plants
Companion Plants
Biological Control

Sustainable nursery techniques:

Sustainable Soil Media (developing container media that is less resource intensive, that can be more locally sourced). We have been considering rice hulls and biochar.
Efficient irrigation
Passive construction of facility

Other ideas:

Off grid solar system
Efficient irrigation
Compost teas/Plant extracts

Ideas of what the Nursery could look like:

Occidental 2.jpg

Here are some examples of how the plants can be used at the SEF:

occidental-arts-and-ecology 1.jpg