Solar Concentrator Kitchen

We are working to build a kitchen powered by improved biomass cookstoves, solar concentrators and Photovoltaic-Electric (PVE) cookers.
Our ambition is to build a working solar kitchen to demonstrate and test our technologies in collaboration with partners in developing countries such as AidAfrica and Working Villages International. Summer of 2016, students are developing a cooker that will go to Uganda with 4 students and AidAfrica. Several past and present student groups are dedicated to these efforts including: PVE Solar Cooking, Improved Cookstoves, and Solar Concentrators. Additionally, two senior project groups in Mechanical Engineering will develop the provisionally patented PV solar cooking technology over the coming year. Also please see our FaceBook Page.

Solar Kitchen.jpg
We repurposed the chicken coop into a solar kitchen. The straw bales house the cooking pots, providing insulation. The chickens were moved to a larger nicer location.
Mirror at SEF.jpg
A heliostat will track to reflect sunlight onto a concentrator to cook food.