SEF Projects

Main SEF Website – will take you to people, project submission process and other information. Below, you see a map of the SEF with areas for projects indicated. The projects are described below.

The SEF is located just beyond the Rodeo, and Dairy between the RR tracks and Rt. 1, shown on this map to SEF.

Past Maps

Natural Resources and FEED classes: Please contact Professor Nick Babin (Email, cell: 510-333-6150) for the NR classes (red rectangle) or Eric Boyd (purple rectangles, Email Please find details in the Project Proposal NR Classes, FEED

Garden Club – dedicated to gardening. Contacts : Cameron Lilly (, Alicia Jassner (, 805-234-3541).

Society of Environmental Engineers Garden. Established April, 2018, Garden Proposal. To occupy the west side the area presently identified as the AgroEcology/Real Food Collaborative, between the mycology lab and the greenhouse. Contact Kat Baker, (209) 591-9825

Crop Growth Study Summer 2018: Occupies a few raised beds in the AgroEcology site, shared with the above Society of Environmental Engineers. Run by Christopher Cruz , (424) 903-5005, Advised by Bo Liu, from BRAE.

Seismometer, John Jasbinsek, 805-756-2013,, Seismometer Install Proposal

Bee Keeping, Marcel Mueller,, 415-828-1606; Bee Keeping proposal

DC House – We are renovating the Straw Bale House (est. approximately 2000) so it looks wonderful and all its electricity comes from local DC generation such as PV and children’s playground toys. Taufik,, 805-756-2318

Lighted Pathway, Taufik,, 805-756-2318, Lighted Pathway Proposal

SmartFarm Data Acquisition System Test, Caleb Fink,, 559-381-3309; Smartfarm Proposal

Solar Cooking, Pete Schwartz,, 805-748-6341

Solar Ice Nate Heston,, 305-834-1309

Aquaponics – Plants filter water for our cultivated fish, and thrive off the fish poop.
President: Robin Pearson ‭(916) 865-8242,
Vice President: Marcel Mueller: 415-828-1606,

Polyculture Mushrooms – These beds are inoculated with mushrooms as in experiment in myco-polyculture. This is part of the Mycology Club, contact Gabe Sitapati:

The Polyculture Nursery – We grow plants for for community scale agroecology and are experimenting with the development of a small scale ‘sustainable’ nursery production system.

Mushroom lab – A small scale mushroom laboratory to prepare mushroom spawn for integration into nursery soil media or the agriculture.

Private Gardens

Alli’s garden to grow vegetables.

Kyle’s Garden

Organic Vegetable and Flower Garden – Xem (Maxwell Muscarella) will be preparing soil in the SEF for the development of a vegetable and flower garden. The goal is to grow some tasty organic produce, experiment with mushrooms as fertilizer, and create a space for relaxation and meditation.

Past Projects
Sheep – July of 2016, we introduced two sheep to the SEF, but they are gone now. They learned to jump the electric fence, so we ate them.

Chickens – We are taking care of 9 hens and a rooster. They are gone now – predation. We think raccoons? For a while we were eating lots of eggs and even hatched a large batch of chicks! But they’re gone now.

Goats, Vince Garza,, 805-931-1257; Goats Proposal

Agroecology garden is connected with the Polyculture Nursery (above) – We are a community garden that practices growing our own food and herbs.

University Classes

Appropriate Technology Classes (Pete Schwartz) – Students build projects for low-technology solutions to some challenges faced by the global poor.

Religion and Wine (Stephen Lloyd-Moffett), 2018 Project Proposal

AEPS 327 Vertebrate Pest Management, with David Headrick, where every winter for the last 10 years a team of 4-6 students has worked for 10 weeks at the site.

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