Religion and Wine, RELS 470

From Professor Stephen Lloyd-Moffett:

It seems like connecting can be challenge given all the craziness of the middle of the quarter, but I wanted to approach you both about perhaps using the SEF on a regular basis for the month of May for my religion and wine class. Part of the argument of the class is that wine connects us to nature and that the spirit of the earth and the vines can be sensed in the wines. So, it just seems wrong to me to have class in a windowless room that reminds everyone of an insane asylum. In the past, I’ve had class at nearby wineries but now I have students who have classes on campus just before and just after so I thought maybe the SEF could provide a sense of nature yet still not be too far for people coming out from the core of the campus. The time is MW 2-4PM and we would probably just find a corner of it to sit on the ground in a circle or maybe that area with the benches?

Religion and Wine.jpg