Activities Guidelines

Before projects or activities can be implemented, a SEF Projects and Activities Form must be approved. All projects and activities must follow the protocol as listed below:

Doing a Project at the SEF – Anyone interested in activities or projects at the SEF must complete a SEF Project and Activities Proposal Form. Before implementation can take place, projects must be approved, first, by identified SEF Faculty Facilitator, and then by HCS Department Head and Cal Poly Risk Management. A revised proposal may be necessary before approval. Community organizations that wish to get involved are also required to complete an SEF Project and Activities Proposal Form. If approved by the SEF Faculty Facilitator, an assessment will be made to determine what steps are needed for the organization to be involved.

Proposal Additions – Any project or activity not specified in a previous SEF Projects and Activities Proposal form will require resubmitting the form with additions clearly emphasized.

Events – An event includes any of the following: banquets, annual meetings, formals/dances, student club activities, senior projects, conferences, ASI club events, shows, competitions, displays, concerts. Getting an event approved is a three-step process: 1) an SEF Project and Activities Proposal Form must be submitted to present SEF Faculty Facilitator and approved; 2) SEF Faculty Facilitator will then fill out an Event Planning Worksheet; 3) SEF Faculty Facilitator will request SEF Project and Activities Proposal Form and Event Planning Worksheet to the HCS Department and Risk Management.

Incident and Accident Reporting Incidents or accidents should reported to University Police immediately, DIAL 911, (Local law enforcement, if off Campus) if there is serious bodily injury or significant property damage, the SEF Faculty Facilitator as soon as possible, and Risk Management immediately if there is serious bodily injury, or significant property damage (805-756-6755), within 24 hours if no serious injury or significant property damage, or after business hours & on weekends contact University Police (805) 756-2281. More details can be found here:

Volunteering or Participating Before volunteering or participating in activities, individuals are required to sign either a Release of Liability Form, or a Volunteer Form. For students doing work to improve Cal Poly, a Volunteer Form must be filled out, which will cover the volunteer under Cal Poly’s Workman’s Compensation. Students who are participating in activities that do not work towards improving Cal Poly must fill out a Release of Liability Form. Non-students participating in any activities must fill out a Release of Liability Form. It is both the responsibility of the volunteer as well as the project leader to ensure that volunteer forms are filled out and email a scan or photo of the form to Pete Schwartz

Using Tools and Equipment All individuals are required to have proof of prior training before using electric tools, mechanical equipment, or other tools that may be perceived as dangerous. A record of prior training form is provided at the end of this document. Individuals facilitating their own activity are personally responsible for making sure they have the proper training before using tools and equipment. Individuals leading a group in an activity must make sure all participants are properly trained.

Food Activities related to food are required to follow Cal Poly food safety procedures, which can be found by following this link: Per the Temporary Food Event Permit Application Form, “events in which participants prepare and eat a communally prepared meal (such as department potluck) do not need to complete this application and are exempt for CRFC requirements.” If you buy prepared off-campus food, be sure to purchase from this list of approved caterers:

Fires/Hot Work Hot Work refers to any work, which may generate heat, flames, or sparks. (NEED FURTHER DETAILS TO COMPLETE THIS SECTION)

Electrical Safety Any student engaging in projects or activities involving electricity must follow the Cal Poly electrical safety protocol, which can be found by following this link:

Parking Parking permits are required in all outlying campus areas including unpaved agricultural areas designated for parking. Individuals parking in the designated parking area, located just outside of the SEF opening gate, are required to purchase a parking permit.